New Coffee Line-up for February


Hello ! We have updated our coffee line ups for this month. You may find perfect Valentin’s day gifts for someone special in our selection of specialty coffees. Visit “Coffee Line Up” to see the whole list. All roasted coffees (whole beans) are available for international shipments. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Have a great day with your loved ones and a nice cup of coffee.


New Arrivals :


50lbs. ECP series

Elite coffee from Costa Rica. Click here to learn more about “50lbs.ECP”


  •  50lbs. ECP Pepe Fallas Geisha Red Honey
  •  50lbs. ECP Toño Barrantes Ethiopia 47
  •  50lbs. ECP Ricardo Calderón Typica



Grand Cru series
The selected coffee from Grand Cru farms


  •   Arturo Aguirre Pacamara *from February 15th



COE series

COE winning coffee, in other words, top of the top of the year. Click here to learn more about “COE, Cup of Excellent”


  •   Franklin Adonis 2019 Honduras COE #7



Seasonal single series
The seasonal selection of single origin coffee


  •  Noel Diaz Natural
  •  Marysabel Caballero Catuai Washed *from February 15th



JAS Organic Coffee

 JAS Organic certified coffee


  •  JAS Organic Coffee Fernando Lima Campanula



Daily Specialty – Seasonal Single

The selection of fine coffee with more affordable price. Enjoy fine specialty coffee everyday.


  •  Juan Carlos