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Coffee is always there. It’s there to wake you up in the morning. It’s there to sip on over a chat with a good friend. It’s there to give you a nice little break when you’re going the extra mile. For lots of people, coffee’s a part of day-to-day life—so tastier coffee makes for a happier life. At Maruyama Coffee, we want to give you coffee experiences to enrich your daily life. We pour our energies into the entire process, from the moment we source incredible beans on location to the moment the coffee drips into the cup, to bring extraordinary coffee—often from little-known farms—to every single customer. We head out to lush, sprawling farmlands across the globe, meeting growers face to face and seeing their love for coffee firsthand. We sample freshly picked coffee cherries and imagine the aromas and flavors they’ll reveal. We roast and extract beans with an expert touch, always making sure that the beans’ unique natural personalities can shine through. Every step of the way, we’ve got one focus in mind: how to help customers experience the ultimate in what coffee has to offer. Let Maruyama Coffee be your guide. Incredible tastes—and amazing discoveries—await.

From the cherry to the pour The process behind our coffee


We spend about half of the year
visiting farms around the world.
It’s all about building trust with growers.

The beans at Maruyama Coffee are some of the best in the world. How do we get them? Our president, Kentaro Maruyama, heads out to farms across the globe to buy the beans himself. To secure supplies of premium-grade beans, though, he knows how crucial it is to communicate with growers and build solid relationships. It’s not just about the coffee, either—for Maruyama, good bonds go deeper. At times, he’ll even talk with growers about family issues and the things they’re dealing with in everyday life. That communication is the first building block for so much more: growers feel more motivated to grow better beans, develop a stronger commitment to keeping their quality levels high, and know they have the support to stabilize their standards of living. Maruyama spends about half the year on the go, forging trusting relationships with growers far and wide to develop reliable sources of extraordinary beans.


We know what makes every bean special
—and our unique roasting techniques distill
that personality into incredible results.

After we buy a batch of raw coffee beans straight from the source, the next step is the roast—and roasting specialty coffee is all about getting the most out of what makes the beans unique. We heat the raw beans at around 200°C, which darkens the surface and initiates a chemical change inside. Through that heating process, the beans’ distinct aromas and flavors start to shine through. The roaster’s job centers on tailoring the process to the individual bean, always concentrating on finding the optimal balance between the acidity and aroma profiles. It’s hard to overstate just how pivotal the method is—the same beans can come out tasting completely different depending on how the roaster approaches the task. A good roaster knows how to put the personality of a given bean front and center, and we’ve installed American-made Smart Roaster systems at our roasting facilities so that our roasters have top-of-the-line equipment for the job. For us, leveraging the ideal technology to showcase the unique characteristics of beans and capture their innate flavors is another key to the roasting process—a vital step.

THE Extraction

Baristas are the sommeliers
of the coffee world:
messengers of inspiration, stewards of flavor.

What does a barista do? It’s not just extracting and pouring coffee. It has a richer depth: conveying the flavors of the brew, the wonders in every cup, the inspirations of the growers behind the beans. The extraction step is where great beans either turn into great coffee—or, if the barista doesn’t do it right, see their potential go to waste. Baristas are messengers. It’s their responsibility to deliver coffee to customers with the flavors the growers envisioned.
The baristas at Maruyama Coffee are the cream of the crop. Since 2006, we’ve had representatives competing in the Japan Barista Championship—a contest where participants use their knowledge, technical skills, and presentation abilities to vie for the top prize. It’s safe to say that our baristas have shown their stuff: from 2009 to 2013, every single Japanese champion was a Maruyama Coffee barista. So many of our baristas take part in an array of competitions year to year, giving them valuable experience that they bring back to their work at Maruyama Coffee and pass on to the next generation of coffee messengers.


Get ready for the coffee encounters of a life time.
It’s all about the experience

Most coffee looks the same—but in every brown cup, there’s a distinct set of flavors and tastes to relish. Every customer has his or her own taste preferences, too.
Maruyama Coffee unites its collective knowledge, technical expertise, and dedication to service to deliver amazing coffee to customers, whether it’s a serving at one of our shop locations, a package of beans at the counter, or a mail-order purchase.
With all the different ways to enjoy coffee, plenty of drinkers want to know how to unlock better tastes and enrich their experiences. To help customers learn more, we hold a variety of seminars, outside lectures, and events that delve deep into the wonders of coffee. They’re great ways to gain insight—make sure to take advantage of the opportunities!