New Coffee Line-up for January


Happy 2020 ! We wish everyone the best and more into the new decade filled with joy and tasty coffees from around the world.

Here are the new arrivals from January 15th, 2020. Visit “Coffee Line Up” to see the whole list. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy our selected specialty coffee!


【50lbs. ECP series】

Elite coffee from Costa Rica. Click here to learn more about “50lbs.ECP”

  • 50lbs. ECP Juan Ramón Geisha Black Honey El Centro
  • 50lbs. ECP Roger Ureña Geisha & Ethiopia

【Grand Cru series】
The selected coffee from Grand Cru farms

  • Emilio López Geisha Natural
  • Kolla Bolcha
  • José Adalid
  • Stephen Gachenge Peaberry
  • Marysabel Caballero Java Natural

【COE series】
COE winning coffee, in other words, top of the top of the year. Click here to learn more about “COE, Cup of Excellent”

  • Reinaldo Garcia 2018 Brazil Pulped Natural COE #2


【Seasonal single series】
The seasonal selection of single origin coffee.

  • Gayo Yellow Honey Dark Roast
  • Thunguri Dark Roast
  • Tito Valentín Dark Roast
  • Salomón Benítez
  • Fernando Lima Bourbon Natural

【Daily Specialty – Seasonal Single】
The selection of fine coffee with more affordable price. Enjoy fine specialty coffee everyday.

  • Santos Benítez  
  • Luis Fernando Dark Roast  

【Decaf Coffee – Single Origin】
Single origin coffee 99.9% decaffeinated by 100% chemical free process.

  • Decaf Danbi Uddo
  • Decaf Cangual
  • Decaf Cangual Dark Roast

【Seasonal Blend – Winter】
Seasonal Blend for St. Valentine’s Day

  • Valentine Blend