New Coffee Line up for December


Hello friends  !


The holiday season is finally here, which means we’ve updated our coffee line-up for the winter season. Visit “Coffee Line Up” to see the whole list.

Here are the new arrivals from December 1st. All roasted coffee (whole beans) are available for international shipments. Our selection is full of choices for great holiday gifts. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. Have a cozy day with a nice cup of coffee !


【50lbs. ECP series】

Elite coffee from Costa Rica. Click here to learn more about “50lbs.ECP”

  • 50lbs. ECP Rodolfo Rodríguez Geisha Red Honey
  • 50lbs. ECP FabioRuiz Typica


【Grand Cru series】

The selected coffee from Grand Cru farms

  • Óscar RamírezParainema
  • Wahana Longberry Natural


【COE series】

COE winning coffee, in other words, top of the top of the year. Click hereto learn more about “COE, Cup of Excellent”

  • Mierisch 2019 Honduras COE #1
  • Cruz Argüello2019 Mexico COE #1


【Seasonal single series】

The seasonal selection of single origin coffee.

  • Tengah Dark Roast
  • Gachatha Dark Roast
  • Luis Valdes Dark Roast
  • Teodoro Engelhardt Bourbon


【Daily Specialty – Seasonal Single】

The selection of fine coffee with affordable price. Enjoy fine specialty coffee everyday,

  • Orlando Arita Honey
  • Ever Bejarano Dark Roast


【MaruKen Returns Project- Special Blend】

Maruyama Coffee is going to mark 30th anniversary in 2021. Taking one year prior to the anniversary, we’d like to express our gratitude to our valued customers as “MaruKen Returns Project“. This special blend is the first launch from this project. 

  • Grateful Kentaro


【Seasonal Blend – Winter】

Seasonal Blend for Winter (Also, 2 types of Christmas Blend available until December 24th)

  • Diamond Dust Light
  • Diamond Dust
  • Winter Special Blend