New Coffee Line-up for March


March brings with it warmer and sunny days, blooming flowers and 24 new coffees ! Yes, we’ve updated our coffee line ups with a lot of new arrivals for this month. Visit “ Line Up” to see the whole list. All roasted coffees (whole beans) are available for international delivery. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy the spring season with a nice cup of coffee !

New Arrivals :

50lbs. ECP series

Elite coffee from Costa Rica. Click here to learn more about “50lbs.ECP”

  • 50lbs. ECP Jaime Cárdenas Geisha Red Honey
  • 50lbs. ECP Toño Barrantes Typica Natural La Torre
  • 50lbs. ECP Roger Ureña Typica Yellow Honey
  • 50lbs. ECP Omar Calderón Geisha *from March15th


Grand Cru series
The selected coffee from Grand Cru farms

  • Luis Alberto Pacamara Natural
  • Marysabel Caballero Geisha Natural
  • Wahana Rasuna Natural
  • Alfredo Diaz Black Honey
  • Anzueto Sisters Pacamara
  • Kiaragana


COE series

COE winning coffee, in other words, top of the top of the year. Click here to learn more about “COE, Cup of Excellent”

  • Paul Kevin Geisha Natural 2019 Colombia North COE #1
  • Los Grandes de Copey 2019 Costa Rica COE #1


Seasonal single series

The seasonal selection of single origin coffee

  • Roger Edelfo
  • Bryan Orellana
  • Sumatra Dark Roast
  • Paul Starry Dark Roast
  • Eva Alvarado Dark Roast


Daily Specialty – Seasonal Single

The selection of fine coffee with more affordable price. Enjoy fine specialty coffee everyday.

  • Luis Fernando Dark Roast
  • Valentín López Parainema


MaruKen Returns Project – Selected Single Origin Coffee

Maruyama Coffee is going to mark 30th anniversary in 2021. Taking one year prior to the anniversary, we’d like to express our gratitude to our valued customers as “MaruKen Returns Project“. This is the second launch from this project, and its first single origin coffee.

  • Alfredo Diaz Caturra


Seasonal blend

Seasonal blend for spring

  • Magnolia
  • Flower Humming
  • Spring Special Blend
  • Yozakura Blend