NEW OPEN ! : ecute EDITION Shibuya Store


We are excited to announce the opening of our brand new store, ecute EDITION Shibuya Store in Tokyo on November 1st, 2019 ! This store is a coffee stand specialized in Coffee Bag.  We always have the extensive lineups: from standard blend coffee to the selected single origin coffee. Of cause, our skilled baristas serve not only the coffee bags, but also the espresso beverages to take-away for you. We’re located at 1st floor of Shibuya Scramble Square where is right by Shibuya station. Hope to see you there !

What is a Coffee Bag ?

The coffee bag is a small filter paper bag which contains roasted and ground coffee for a single-serve. It requires no coffee equipment or skills to brew a nice cup of coffee. You just need hot water and enjoy the characteristic flavor of specialty coffee we source from all over the world. We produce the coffee bag at our own factory in order to ensure the quality at the every stages by ourselves.

TOKYO BLEND  *Exclusive Blend of the Store


For celebrating the opening, we are having some special items on the menu. Here is the lineup of ecute EDITION Shibuya Store from November 1st, 2019.

Items for sale

【Coffee Bag / Blend】

TOKYO BLEND: Single 270 yen/ Set (5 of coffee bag) 1350 yen * Exclusive Blend of the Store

Maruyama Coffee Blend: Single 200 yen/ Set  999yen

【Opening Special Coffee Bag】

Al Abra (Yemen): Single  810yen /Set 4050yen

【Coffee Bag / Cup of Excellence】

Raul Rivera 2019 El Salvador COE #1: Single 864yen / Set 4320yen

Andres Londoño 2018 Colombia COE #3: Single 378yen /Set 1890yen

Merce Jordan 2018 Brazil Pulped Natural COE #27:  Single 270yen /Set 1350yen

【Coffee Bag / Single Origin】

Stephen Gachege AB (Kenya): Single 270yen/Set 1350yen

Marysabel Caballero Geisha Honey (Honduras): Single 686yen/Set 3429yen

Marysabel Caballero Catuai Natural (Honduras): Single 270yen /Set 1350yen

50lbs. ECP Hector Bonilla Geisha Yellow Honey (Costa Rica): Single 378yen/Set 1890yen

50lbs. ECP Francisco Mena H3 Red Honey (Costa Rica): Single 324yen /Set 1620yen

Sriram Appadurai Natural (India): Single 270yen /Set 1350yen

Marco Fidel Dark Roast (Colombia): Single 270yen /Set 1350yen

【Coffee Bag / Decaf 】
Decaf Blend Dark Roast: Single 200yen /Set 999yen

*Listed items may not be available in the case of being sold out.

・TOKYO BLEND・・・531yen
・ Maruyama Coffee Blend ・・・457yen
・ Raul Rivera 2019 El Salvador COE #1   ・・・1060yen
・ Andres Londoño 2018 Colombia COE #3 ・・・1060yen
・ Merce Jordan 2018 Brazil Pulped Natural COE #27   ・・・605yen
・ Stephen Gachege AB  ・・・ 667yen
・ Marysabel Caballero Geisha Honey  ・・・766yen
・ 50lbs. ECP Hector Bonilla Geisha Yellow Honey  ・・・667yen
・ Marysabel Caballero Catuai Natural  ・・・ 605yen
・ 50lbs. ECP Francisco Mena H3  Red Honey ・・・605yen
・ Sriram Appadurai Natural   ・・・ 605yen
・ Marco Fidel Dark Roast  ・・・605yen
・ Al Abra  ・・・ 1060yen
・ Decaf Blend Dark Roast  ・・・605yen
・ Coffee of the day・・・454yen〜

・ Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte etc.. ・・・480yen〜

*Listed items may not be available in the case of being sold out.

ecute EDITION Shibuya Store
1F, Shibuya Scramble Square 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6101
Tel   +81-3-3400-1200
Hours 10:00 – 21:00
(Operating hours and closure concur with Shibuya Scramble Square.)